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Best 4×4 Awning Tents Reviewed in Australia (2022)

We have discussed several tents in the past weeks, and the tent that I will be introducing to you will sound familiar. They are not featured as a tent in the past discussions but mostly showcased as an extra room. I’m hoping you have guessed it at this point. We will be talking about awning tents!

I know for some of you this may sound a bit confusing but an awning can be defined as a form of shelter in the outdoors which is a similar definition for tents.

Who would’ve thought that you can bring an awning to your trip rather than a dome tent? But don’t underestimate the awning tent because they can still provide you the comfort and protection just like any typical tent.

Compare 4x4 Awning Tents

Adventure Kings Awning Tent
Adventure Kings Awning Tent
Our Rating
Users Rating
Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2
Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2
Rhino Rack Batwing Awning
Rhino Rack Batwing Awning
Our Rating
Users Rating
23Zero Ramblers Den
23Zero Ramblers Den
Our Rating
Users Rating
OZtrail RV Shade Awning Tent
OZtrail RV Shade Awning Tent

Best 4x4 Awning Tent

Adventure Kings Awning Tent

The Adventure Kings Camping Shade Awning Tent could be your go-to tent on your next road trip. This is a great option for campers who can’t afford to get a roof top tent yet or want to try a more varied camping experience.

This square shaped awning tent measures at 2.5m by 2.5m which is enough space for 3 people but if you want to be comfortable then it would be better to have 2 people in it. The head height in the tent is 2m so few people will need to worry about slouching inside.

The awning tent can be easily attached to the main awning with the help of sail tracks and Velcro straps.

There are 2 side windows with mesh panels and waterproof flaps that you can roll down in case you get caught up in the rain. There are 2 doors also with a mesh wall and waterproof panel. The rear entrance is strategically place so it is easy for you to open the car door in case you need to get stuff from your vehicle.

The PE bucket style floor is fully waterproof so you don’t get wet in the middle of the night. It’s also a few inches from the floor so tiny bugs can’t get in the tent.

The Adventure Kings Camping Shade Awning Tent is an affordable awning tent that’s light enough to carry along to your trips. It only weighs 11.7 kg which is almost half of the weight of other awning tents.


Low cost – If you’re looking for a full coverage awning tent on a budget, the adventure kings camping shade awning tent would be a great option for you.

Light weight – You won’t have a hard time carrying around this tent as it only weighs 11.7 kg. Because it is light weight, it is also compact so it’s easier to fit in your car.

Ventilation – The large mesh panels on the windows and doors allow the air to flow freely in the tent as well as keeping the pesky bugs out.


Space – The space in the Adventure Kings Camping Shade Awning Tent is a bit limited although you can have to option to buy additional side ventilations; however you won’t be able to open up the side walls to get more room.

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Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2

The Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Generation II as the name indicates is the second generation tent from the Darche brand. This means that the Eclipse 270 model has been given some improvements.

First, let’s touch on the design. This awning tent is designed similar to the Rhino Rack Awning tent. It has 270 degrees coverage and you have the option to add side walls to the awning. The undercover area is measured at 11.5m2.

This tent’s materials are made of heavy duty poly cotton Ripstop canvas which is also treated to be waterproof.

The Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Generation II has already upgraded the canvas from 260gsm to 320gsm. This a more dense canvas makes the tent more durable in unfavorable conditions, but also heavier.

To combat this, the new model has aluminum hinges and box tube alloy rafters to help reduce the tent’s weight.

Setting up is fast as the tent’s awning is expandable and there are telescopic poles integrated in the tent. There are some additional poles that you will need to put at the ends of the tent.


Durable – The materials used in this generation are more durable than that of the past models.

High quality materials – Excellent choice of materials and metals.


Costly – Price tag is in the upper bracket of the market but that is because they used high quality materials for a tent.

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Rhino Rack Batwing Awning

Rhino Rack Batwing Awning
Our Rating

The Rhino Rack Batwing Awning is a wide awning tent that offers 270 degrees of shade.

It comes in 2 variants. The right wing and left wing awnings. So you get to choose which side of your vehicle you’d like to install it to.

The setup is easy. You just need unlatch the tent from the Velcro straps and stretch out the flaps. If you’re wondering where the poles are, they are integrated in the tent’s flat. The setup can be done in less than 3 minutes.

As you open and close the awning, you will notice that that it is secured by magnets. That makes it more convenient for you during setups. There is a storage pouch sewn in the awning cover so you can keep the stakes and the ropes in it.

The awning has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50 which gives you maximum protection from the sun during summer trips. It’s also waterproof and mold resistant in case in you need to store away your awning tent for a long time.


Easy setup – With the poles integrated in the awning tent, you get to save a lot of setup time.

Sun protection – The rhino rack batwing awning has a high UV protection rating, so this tent is ideal to bring along beach or coastal trips.


Not great for rainy season – Although it has 270 degrees coverage, there is no side coverage for this awning tent. You do have the option to buy them separately.

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23Zero Ramblers Den

23Zero Ramblers Den
Our Rating

The 23Zero Rambler’s Den is a great awning tent that will be a great addition to your existing canopy awning. You can transform this pull out awning into an extra room.

This awning tent is 2.5 m wide and can be simply attached to the front of your awning sail track while the 2 side walls can be strapped to Velcro loops that are attached to the awning rafter poles.

You can fit a single folding bed in the sleeping quarters and two more people can sleep in the middle area of the awning.

There are two D-shaped entrances with zippered insect mesh. The angled mesh windows at the side of the bedroom and a large gusseted window will ensure you have enough ventilation during the night.

The 23Zero Rambler’s Den comes with a lot of features for its price. The poles, pegs and guy ropes are all included in the in carry bag along with other accessories. The total tent weight including the walls is weights in at around 10 kg.


Space – The awning space is 2.5 m wide and another 2.5 m for the pull out awning/room. You can enjoy a little bit of privacy with the separate room.

Affordable – The 23zero Rambler’s Den is a great value tent because it already includes a lot of accessories as well as the side walls.


Not ideal for wet conditions – Because the 23zero Rambler’s Den is made to be a light weight shelter, it’s not really good at handling strong winds or heavy rain.

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OZtrail RV Shade Awning Tent

The OZtrail RV Shade Awning Tent is a fully enclosed awning tent that can sleep up to 4 people that can be attached to all SUV’s, RV’s and 4×4 vehicles.

The setup is pretty straightforward. Once your top awning is setup up, you can layout the tent and start attaching clipping the C-shaped clips to the poles. The straps on the tent are adjustable so you can properly erect the tent.

There are 2 side windows with mesh and privacy panels and 2 large entrances in the front and rear of the tent. The entrance at the back is quite big so you can open the car door fully and enter your vehicle with ease.

It is 2.5m in length and 2.1m wide. Taller people won’t have to slouch in this tent as it has a head height of 1.7m. If the head height isn’t enough for you, you can unzip the extension gusset at the base of the tent to add another 10cm to the height.

The OZtrail RV Shade Awning Tent’s floor is made of waterproof polyester fabric. I’d still suggest that you bring along a mattress or sleeping bag in the tent in case you want to spend the night.

This is an affordable tent that’s ideal to bring along public camping grounds or during spring and summer trips.


Easy setup – the setup is very simple and easy you can have the tent up in 5 minutes. The pack up is easy as well. Just take out the pegs and unclip the hooks and you’re all done.

Extension gusset –The extra 10cm of height that you can get from the extension gusset is great. It goes to show that the OZtrail brand keep their taller clients in mind making this tent.

Affordable – The OZtrail RV shade awning tent would be a great entry level tent if you wish to try an awning tent.


Not entirely weatherproof – Tthe OZtrail RV Shade Awning tent’s floor is waterproof but cannot say the same for the tent’s walls. It would fair well against a few droplets of rain but water might seep in the tent during the event of a thunderstorm.

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Things To Consider When Buying An Awning Tent For Your 4WD

For starters, awning tents are commonly used by caravan or 4WD owners. So if you are familiar with the roof top tents, you will notice that they have awnings included in the pack bag or they offer awnings as an additional feature for your tent.

A lot of campers like their tents or vehicles having awnings because it serves as an additional storage or living space.

Awnings takes the form of an attachment that you fasten to the side of your vehicle or your tent. They come in assorted shapes and sizes but there are 3 types of awning tents.

Full Awnings

This type of awning tent is very similar to large capacity tents. This tent will be able to give you full coverage on one side of your vehicle.

Since it has a large space, a full awning can be used as extra sleeping space during your trip. They come with windows and doors and can sometimes be detached from your vehicle to be used as a standalone tent.

Canopy Awnings

The canopy awning can be either be temporarily or permanently attached to your tent or vehicle. These types of tents typically provide shade and don’t often have full coverage.

The permanent canopy awning tent can be rolled down like a roller blind and have poles attached so it can be stabilized.

Temporary awnings can be zipped up to the sides of the main tent or attached with ropes to the side of your vehicle.

Porch Awnings

There is a large porch awning that cover the side of your vehicle or tent. These awnings can be moved from one caravan to another. They are also light and are structured with air tubes.

The smaller porch awnings usually provide a covered entrance for large tents or for caravans. They are easier to setup and pack up. I would prefer using the porch awning tent during overnight camping trips.

They generally serve as an area for you to put your bags or larger hiking gear in. Some are big enough to fit in a grill or your bikes. That way you wouldn’t have to worry of your stuff getting wet outside.

Porch awnings add another layer of protection for your tent’s entrance as it can keep the winds and rain away from the door.

During sunny days, you can turn your porch awning as a mess hall or a social area.

Additional Considerations

So now that you know what type of awning to get, you need to consider a couple of things before getting one. Here are my quick tips to consider when getting an awning tent:

  • Check how to fit an awning.
  • Decide which side of the vehicle you will be installing it in.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Inspect your awning before using it
  • Mark all of the pieces for easier setup.
  • Practice setting up your awning at home.
  • Check the awning’s water proof rating.

Those are just simple tips that can help you out. Remember to always keep your awnings clean after camping and also look after the poles if you want them to last longer.

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