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Best Tent Pegs For Australian Ground (2022)

Tent pegs are potentially one of the most common but least talked about pieces of camping equipment. I used to always think a peg is a peg, that was until I bent so many I had to go buy some new ones. Then I discovered how many different types of tent pegs there are, all suited to different conditions and can make a huge difference to the stability when pitching your tent or swag.

We’re breaking down the different types of pegs available, when to use it and presenting our top pick for each. So let’s get started!

Different Type of Tent Pegs Compared

Amazama Threaded Screw In Tent Pegs
Most Ground Types
Amazama Threaded Screw In Tent Pegs
Our Rating
Users Rating
205mm total / 125mm threaded
Sea to Summit Hiking Tent Pegs
For Hiking
Sea to Summit Hiking Tent Pegs
Our Rating
Users Rating
Supa-Peg Sand Peg
For Sand
Supa-Peg Sand Peg
Our Rating
Users Rating
370 mm
OzTrail Galvanised Tent Peg
For Most Ground
OzTrail Galvanised Tent Peg
Hampton Aluminium Tent Peg
For Sand / Snow
Hampton Aluminium Tent Peg
Our Rating
Users Rating
310mm / 230mm

Best Tent Pegs For Australian Ground

Amazama Threaded Screw In Tent Pegs

Each of the 16 electro-galvanised steel pegs holds up nicely in almost all types of soil and ground types. These pegs will also keep your tent up and steady during heavy wind or rain. As the name suggests, they’re threaded so they will need to be screwed in to the ground.

The Amazama screw-in tent pegs come in a portable carry-case. This serves a dual purpose: the case protects the pegs and makes it easier to move them around.

They’re 205mm each and feature a threaded design of 125mm. This design is what boosts the pegs’ stability once you screw them in the ground.

A handy feature is that these pegs come with a 13mm hex head to help drive them into the ground. Then, all you need is an impact driver or drill. To remove the pegs, run the drill in reverse.


GLOW IN THE DARK TOPS - This safety feature helps you avoid tripping over at night

COMES WITH CARRY CASE - Easy to pack up and transport

SCREW IN - Work well in all types of weather


DRILL OR DRIVER REQUIRED - You have to bring a drill or impact driver along

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Sea to Summit Hiking Tent Pegs

The Sea to Summit pegs are known for their durability and high strength. They come eight to a pack and offer a stable and reliable hold once you drive them in place.

These pegs are made from aircraft-quality 775-T6 alloy. They’re guaranteed never to bend or break. You’ll also find several guy points on the side to provide a better hold of your rope.

Weighing 14 grams each and measuring 180mm in length, these pegs come with a dark pull loop that glows in the dark. The best part? The loops are charged by the sun! These ground control pegs also come with a carry bag to keep them safe and sound until your next camping trip.


Made from durable alloy

Glow in the dark pull loops

Comes with a carry bag

Reasonably priced


Could be slightly short for high winds

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Supa-Peg Sand Peg

The Supa-peg is an easy and practical way to set up your tent in the sand. They’re made from a durable polypropylene plastic, which is long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion. The Supa-pegs are also UV-treated so they can stay all day in the sun without getting damaged.

One of their innovative features is their high-impact head with the hook and eye design. This design allows for a firmer hold when you’re driving the pegs into the sand.

Each peg is 370mm long with cutting edges along the sides. This length adds to their reliability and stability once you’ve driven them in the sand. They’re sturdy, durable pegs that also work well with caravan annexes, marquee tents, and tarps.


UV treated

Durable design for added stability



Longer pegs require more effort

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OzTrail Galvanised Tent Peg

The Oztrail tent pegs are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel. Being rust and corrosion-resistant, they’re designed to withstand all types of extreme weather, such as wind, rain, and storms.

These durable pegs will easily drive into any hard or solid ground. They’re perfect for stabilising tents, tarps, gazebos or basically any equipment which needs to be pitched.

Each of these steel pegs measures 175mm long. They’re slender and smooth with a width of 4mm. This design makes it easy to drive the pegs in and out of the ground.



Rust and corrosion-resistant

Sturdy for all types of weather

Made from galvanised steel


The smooth exterior may cause pegs to slip if the soil is muddy

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Hampton Aluminium Tent Peg

The Hampton peg is made from aluminium that’s both lightweight and highly durable. Weighing only 0.04 kg, you can choose from two sizes: 310mm or 230mm.

These pegs provide stability and endurance, thanks to their scooped shaft and vertical holes. They work best in the sand or soft ground. Drive them in vertically if the sand or snow is firm. When the snow is a bit loose, you can also set them up horizontally.

The shaft design is what makes these pegs a must-have on any trip. Not only does it provide a strong grip, but it also reduces the storage space because they can be stacked on top of each other.




Shaft design with vertical holes boost stability



Get easily scratched and scraped

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Things to Consider When Buying Tent Pegs

Having a combination of tent pegs is important when you’re camping. You have to be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions and terrains.

When you’re driving in your tent pegs, you assume they’ll maintain their hold in whatever type of ground they’re in. In reality, it’s not that simple. The right type of peg can help ensure the best grip for your tent, while the opposite is equally true.

After that, the rest of the tent set-up is fairly straightforward. Once everything’s in place, you can enjoy your camping trip and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your tent is securely in place thanks to a handful of strong and reliable pegs.

To help take out the stress of choosing the best tent pegs, keep reading to find out more about each peg type and its uses.

Plastic Power Pegs

Plastic power pegs are an affordable choice. They also hold pretty well in medium to firm grass camping sites. They may present a challenge in wilder sites, however.

Rock Pegs

As their name suggests, rock pegs are designed for hard ground. There are two types of these pegs: those with a plastic top and those with a metal T-bar. Those with the metal bar will provide more holding power, even when it’s windy.

Screw-In Pegs

Screw-in pegs are a variation of the rock pegs. Their main difference is that the screw-in pegs have a screw thread for a better grip. Another bonus feature is that they’re designed to keep turning even if they hit a stone.

Round Wire Pegs

These standard pegs usually come with most tents. They’re best used for medium to firm grassy and sandy grounds. Yet, they may not stand up to rocky terrains or they may bend.

Skewer Pegs

Skewer pegs are similar to the round peg, except for the twisted design. While this unique design, you get an extra grip and better stability. Their only weakness is rocky terrain, where they may easily break or bend.

Ripple Pegs

Ripple pegs offer a firmer hold because of their ripple design. They’re best suited for soft to medium ground, such as grass, sand, and soft gravel. The drawback is that they’re more difficult to remove from the ground.

Half-Round Pegs

Half-round pegs are typically made of sturdy and lightweight aluminium. The body of the peg is either semi-circular or u-shaped with a column of holes that boost their hold in the ground. These pegs are known for their bright, flashy colours.

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