23Zero Rambler’s Den Review

23Zero Ramblers Den
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The 23Zero Rambler’s Den is a great awning tent that will be a great addition to your existing canopy awning. You can transform this pull out awning into an extra room.

This awning tent is 2.5 m wide and can be simply attached to the front of your awning sail track while the 2 side walls can be strapped to Velcro loops that are attached to the awning rafter poles.

You can fit a single folding bed in the sleeping quarters and two more people can sleep in the middle area of the awning.

There are two D-shaped entrances with zippered insect mesh. The angled mesh windows at the side of the bedroom and a large gusseted window will ensure you have enough ventilation during the night.

The 23Zero Rambler’s Den comes with a lot of features for its price. The poles, pegs and guy ropes are all included in the in carry bag along with other accessories. The total tent weight including the walls is weights in at around 10 kg.


Space – The awning space is 2.5 m wide and another 2.5 m for the pull out awning/room. You can enjoy a little bit of privacy with the separate room.

Affordable – The 23zero Rambler’s Den is a great value tent because it already includes a lot of accessories as well as the side walls.


Not ideal for wet conditions – Because the 23zero Rambler’s Den is made to be a light weight shelter, it’s not really good at handling strong winds or heavy rain.

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