Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2 Review

The Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Generation II as the name indicates is the second generation tent from the Darche brand. This means that the Eclipse 270 model has been given some improvements.

First, let’s touch on the design. This awning tent is designed similar to the Rhino Rack Awning tent. It has 270 degrees coverage and you have the option to add side walls to the awning. The undercover area is measured at 11.5m2.

This tent’s materials are made of heavy duty poly cotton Ripstop canvas which is also treated to be waterproof.

The Darche Eclipse 270 Awning Generation II has already upgraded the canvas from 260gsm to 320gsm. This a more dense canvas makes the tent more durable in unfavorable conditions, but also heavier.

To combat this, the new model has aluminum hinges and box tube alloy rafters to help reduce the tent’s weight.

Setting up is fast as the tent’s awning is expandable and there are telescopic poles integrated in the tent. There are some additional poles that you will need to put at the ends of the tent.


Durable – The materials used in this generation are more durable than that of the past models.

High quality materials – Excellent choice of materials and metals.


Costly – Price tag is in the upper bracket of the market but that is because they used high quality materials for a tent.

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