October 29, 2022
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Zempire Supercell Air Tent Pump Review

Zempire Supercell Air Tent Pump
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Inflatable air tents have become increasingly popular over the years and Zempire has been one of the pioneers of that innovation. It's not surprising then that they also make an air pump capable of inflating and deflating these tents, as well as your other inflatable camping equipment.

The Supercell Pump is quite a bit more expensive and on the larger size than the other options available, but it does have some features which separate it from the crowd.

The built-in adjustable PSI gauge lets choose to pump at any pressure between 1 to 20 PSI. The unit i's powered by a 12V DC plug which will fit in your car's cigarette socket. The power cable is 3 m long and the unit has an additional 1.3 m hose, giving you a total range of about 4.5 m from the nearest power source.

Between the two supplied Boston and HR valves, you'll be able to attach this to a wide variety of pool toys, inflatable pillows, mattresses and more.

It's fairly weighty at 2.4 kg but is built to inflate tents and operate for long extended periods of time.

Overall, this unit really shines when putting it through its paces such as inflating a large Zempire Air Tent, or many air paddleboards and kayaks at once. Smaller units would burn out, struggle and run out of charge. However, if this isn't your typical use case, then you'd probably get more bang for your buck over the more portable units which have come to market over the last few years.


PSI Gauge - Set your PSI between 1 and 20 for a wide variety of uses.

Long cable - While not cordless, the combined length of the power chord and hose extends to 4.5 m.

Endurance - Able to run continuously for over 20 minutes. Smaller, portable air pumps would burn out.


Price - One of the more expensive pumps on the market

Heavy - At 2.4 kg, it's also one of the heavier air pumps on the market.

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