March 9, 2022
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Yaegoo 15L Camp Shower Review

Traditional solar camping showers are great, but finding a spot to hang them up, soak in the sun and be the right height to enjoy your shower can be a bit tricky. The Yaegoo portable camp shower is similar in how it works, but has a few extra well-thought out features which opens up option with regards to where you set it up.

What’s different here is that you have a foot pump integrated into the system. You’ll fill up the sac as you normally would. Then, you’ll start stepping on the pump to pressurise the water sac. Once fully pressurised, the sac will be fully inflated like a balloon, and it should sustain a shower for about 5 to 7 minutes.

As much as I like this concept, it’s not all roses! See, as you use the water, the sac will deflate, causing the pressure to plummet. To avoid this, you’ll have to keep stepping on the pump AS you shower.

On the positive side, you can ask one of your friends to do the pumping while you enjoy your shower. The 2-metre hose will make sure you can maintain your privacy too by placing it around a corner or outside your ensuite tent.

The only thing I wish was different about this shower is the capacity. The sac can only hold 15 litres at most, which would amount to about 6 minutes of shower time. Additionally, some customers say that it feels a bit smaller than advertised, so I don’t think it would be great for large families.


Easy to use — The foot pump will allow you to enjoy a refreshing shower without tying up your hands.

Satisfying pressure — If you keep pumping continuously, the water will gush forcefully from the spray nozzle.

Convenient — The shower comes with a zippered carrying case. When packed, it only measures 20 cm by 15 cm, allowing for hassle-free transport.


Expensive — It’s a bit pricey for its limited capacity.

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