March 9, 2022

Wanderer Double Heavy Duty Extreme Swag Review

Wanderer Double Heavy Duty Extreme Swag
Our Rating

Despite the steeper price this double swag by Wanderer is a popular choice for many campers. This is a perfect option for the more experienced camper who is willing to go on trips regardless of the weather conditions.

This swag can withstand harsh weather conditions and comes equipped with mesh for insect protection, storage pockets, waterproof canvas material, and an 80mm self-inflating foam mattress.


Has the thickest mattress of all the options on this list.

Is high quality.

It has a mesh that protects against insects.

Extremely durable even in harsh weather conditions.

Has strong, lightweight poles for stability.

Comes with internal storage pockets.

Has multiple entry points.


The price is the only downside, however, you should rest assured that you will be getting your money’s worth in terms of quality.

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