Wanderer Aluminium Folding Table Review

The Aluminium Folding Table from Wanderer is yet another excellent camping table that’s worth taking into consideration. The table weighs around 4 kg, making it on the lighter end of the spectrum, but also fairly durable. It comes with a handle to easily carry it while folded up.

All of the tables we've compared feature a folding design, but Wanderer’s table has to be the easiest to set up and fold. The table is constructed from sturdy aluminium, which grants it an excellent deal of durability as well as an attractive finish. The design of this table makes it an optimal choice for virtually all outdoor gatherings, from camping and picnics or backyard family gatherings.

It’s vital to note that there are other variants of this table where the surface doesn’t fold, only the legs do. The version we’re reviewing folds right around the middle for easy transportation. It has a maximum weight capacity of about 30 kg, which is pretty impressive for such a relatively small table. When set up, the surface spans 90 (L) x 70 (W) x 69 (H) cm, and when collapsed its dimensions are 90 (L) x 45 (W) x 8 (H) cm.

What we love the most about this table is the aesthetics. Most camping tables pretty much have the same features and the same look, but not the Wanderer Aluminum Folding Table. This table flaunts sleek, modern construction. You can actually put it inside your home and it’ll look very appealing. This is the right product for you if you seek a simple setup with great functionality.


Aesthetically appealing construction

Excellent maximum weight capacity

Lightweight and extremely compact

Notably easy to set up and collapse


It could’ve been a little more stable

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