March 9, 2022
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OZTrail Resort Beach Dome Review

OZTrail Resort Beach Dome
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The OZTrail Resort Beach Dome is a beach shelter that comes in three different colours, with a few unique features that make it more capable of protecting you from the wind and sun than some other models.

Setting up this tent isn't a difficult process, but it's not as quick as some other popup beach tents. It requires feeding three poles through the sleeves, one for the front arch and two at the rear and then pegging down the sides. We recommend using sand pegs, but normal pegs and filling the internal pouches with sand or water bottles will also work when it's not super windy.

Fully pitched it will fit around 3 people comfortably and has two windows on each side. The front panel which extends past the cover is a unique feature which acts as a floor, perfect for laying down on or protecting your belongings from the sand.

If you need more privacy such as when you want to get changed or take a nap, then this extra panel actually zips up making it almost fully enclosed apart from the ventialed mesh windows.

Overall, this is a great budget option for those looking for a beach tent that's a little more bespoke in its functionality. It's light weight, sturdy, and has a few additions that make it great for beach goers.


Rigid structure with great options for weighing down and adding stability

Large front panel acts as a cover from the sand

Ability to zip up from panel for extra privacy and cover


Not quite as quick to set up as other popup options

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