OCAM Rooftop King Tent Review

The OCAM Rooftop Tents have a lot of hard shelled roof top tent options but I like the OCAM Rooftop King tent the most.

One particular thing that I liked was the size. It’s named King because it’s very spacious and can comfortably fit 4 people.

The mattress that comes along the tent is a King size as well.

The setup is fairly easy. You can open the latch and pull out the ladder and the tent stretches out with it. You can stabilize the tent’s walls with poles.

You also have the option to add an extended awning to the rear of the tent so you can have more space for other activities.

The tent’s fabric is made of waterproof materials so no need to worry about getting wet when you’re hanging out in the awning.

Mosquitos nets and mesh walls protects you from the bugs and other elements.

The OCAM Rooftop King tent has high quality aluminum poles. The newer models save weight by making the roof lid out of ABS plastic.


Spacious – The OCAM Rooftop King Tent lives up to its name. There is a lot of space to move around even if you have companions in the tent.

Extended Awning – This is ideal to people who need a space to cook or socialize. The awning protects you from the harsh sun and also from strong rains.

Affordable – The OCAM Rooftop King Tents is a great value for your money due to its spacious features.


Setup – Although the setup is fast, you still need to climb in the tent and secure all the poles to keep the tent intact.

Awning not included – You need to purchase the extended awning separately.

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