March 9, 2022
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North Face Stormbreak 1 Person Lightweight Tent​ Review

North Face Stormbreak 1 Person Lightweight Tent
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The North Face Stormbreak 1 Tent is a popular tent for hikers. It’s pretty light only weighing at 1.4 kg. This is a single person tent so packing this tent won’t be a problem.

This tent promises to provide full coverage and it does not disappoint. The fly can handle heavy rains and you won’t get wet whilst being in the tent. Some hikers have reported that they even use this tent in the snow which speaks volumes about its durability and weather resistance.

The tub like floor design is higher than other designs. This gives you more protection from getting wet and from little critters if you’re planning to camp in the bush.

There are storage pockets and a good sized vestibule to put your stuff in. Since this is a 1 person tent you will have enough space to stretch out.

This tent can even accommodate taller people up to 6’1 feet.

Even though Northface is big brand tent, the North Face Stormbreak 1 model is actually quite affordable. The brand produces high quality hiking gear and some hikers consider it a snob due to it’s high prices but not the Stormbreak 1 model.


Price – This tent is a pretty good deal especially since it’s Northface brand

Durable – The tent’s materials are strong enough to withstand harsh conditions and can be used all year round

Easy Setup – This tent only has 2 cross over poles and once you clip the inner tent, you are good to go

Can accommodate tall people – The North Face Stormbreak 1 gives you enough space to feel comfortable


1 Person only – Can only accommodate 1 person so it’s not really advisable to force yourself and a friend to fit in this tent

Variety – This tent can is only available in a yellow colour

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