March 9, 2022
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Kings Beach Gazebo Review

The Kings Gazebo Sun Shade is a relatively affordable large canopy suitable for the beach and not quite as large as the gazebo tent they also sell.

In total, it weighs 7.4kg and has a shaded area of 1.8m x 1.8m (but is 2.2m x 2.2 at the feet) which should provide plenty of cover from the sun and be large enough to shelter around 3 to 4 people underneath.

Setting it up is fairly straightforward. Take it out of the carry bag and extend the steel frame until you feel it all click together. The legs are adjustable with a max ceiling height of 2.1m, so find a height that works for you and then tighten the legs. Finally, weigh down the gazebo by filling in the corner pockets with something heavy such as sand, water bottles. If you're worried about a particularly windy day then Kings also sells sandbag kits which will provide some extra weight and structure to the gazebo.

Once set up, the 150D silver-lined cover will provide UPF50+ sun protection and help keep some of the heat out. The rear wall is able to roll down if you need some extra sun or sand protection.

Overall, there are some larger and studier gazebos suitable to be a beach shelter, but this is definitely one which provides a great bang for buck.


Easy to set up and pack up

Adjustable height

Cover has the option to roll down the back wall


Windy days require some extra thought to weighing down the gazebo

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