March 9, 2022
Showers & Hot Water

Joocla Hottap Outing V2 Hot Water System

This hot water solution is one of the more expensive units. However, you get your money's worth because it is extremely well built, connects in seconds and comes ready with all the needed attachments to install it correctly without needing any professional help.

It accepts any kind of water source. The plug will fit a tap, or if you're out and about then the included rainproof 12V water pump will allow you to draw water directly from any nearby water source such as a river or lake from up to 30 m away.

I mentioned versatility earlier, well the pump can be powered either directly from a car battery or a cigarette lighter port.

Once everything is set up, just choose your temperature and flick the switch on the shower handle.

This portable hot water unit will also provide around 15 hours of hot water when turned up to its highest heat setting when connected to a full 9 kg gas bottle. It will last much longer if you set the water to be warm rather than piping hot.

When it comes to heating, this unit will provide you with up to 6 litres per minute of 50 degrees C heated water, along with all the safety features you’d expect from such an elite system!


Light for an all-in-one unit

Extremely versatile, durable and easy to use

Provides up to 6 litres of water per minute

Accepts any source of water and comes with a 12-volt pump capable of pumping water from 30 meters away


Premium price tag

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