October 29, 2022
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Flextail Max Air Pump 2020 Review

If you’re looking for the convenience of a USB-powered air pump and anticipate doing a fair bit of inflating on your trip then consider the Flextailgear Max Pump 2020. It's smaller brother, the Tiny Pump is also capable of inflating everything from air beds to inflatable pillows but will run out of juice sooner and take slightly longer.

This model comes with a 3600 mAH battery instead of the smaller 1300 mAH of the Tiny Pump. Similarly, this model also has a higher flow rate of 300 L/min as opposed to the 180 L/min so you could expect to blow up your items almost twice as fast.

Like we mentioned in the Tiny Air Pump review, the combination of having a convenient USB-powered air pump and a camp light all in the one really is genius. You'll only use the pump during the set up of your camp and then usually keep it stored until next time. But with the light now built in to this pump you can keep getting use out of it for the entire duration of your trip. An air pump is no longer wasted space.

Using this option will save you the hassle of carrying batteries or needing wall outlets. You can easily charge the device from your laptop, power bank or phone charger with a USB cable.

Overall, this is my favourite general purpose air pump for my camping trips.


Small but powerful - Balances power, endurance and portability

Easily rechargeable - USB-C is common place and doesn't require a special cable.

Camp light - Use it as a long-lasting camp light after you've inflated all your gear


None really

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