March 9, 2022
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Camplux 5L Propane Hot Shower Review

This water heater is a highly rated international model, so if you're in a pinch and not intending to wait for shipping then perhaps look elsewhere. Otherwise, it's a powerful water heater mainly intended for people who own an RV or camper van with a large water tank, but you can also hook it up to an external pump to draw water from any other source.

The operation couldn’t be more simple. After hooking the water source, you’ll have to connect the heater to a propane cylinder with the provided regulator. Then, as soon as you push the nozzle’s lever, the internal burner will light up automatically, giving you an enjoyable hot water shower experience away from home.

The best thing about this shower is that it gives off 34000 BTU / hour, meaning that it can heat the water up to 46 °C. Furthermore, it can supply up to 5 litres/minute, which will feel as satisfying as your home’s shower.

As you might’ve expected, such a brawny device costs an arm and a leg. Then again, it’s actually more affordable than most propane heaters.


Lightweight — With less than 5 kg, you can move it easily and hang it anywhere you like.

Powerful — One of the highest sustainable flow-rates combined with hot water.

Adjustable — You can fine-tune the temperature and flow rate according to your needs and resources.


High-maintenance — Some of the internal parts may require replacement after prolonged use.

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