March 9, 2022
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Blackwolf Mojave HV6 Tent Review

Blackwolf Mojave HV6 Tent
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The Blackwolf Mojave HV6 Dome Tent is a classic family tent that has enough space to accommodate 6 people.

One thing I like about this tent is that it’s spacious. There are 2 sections on in the tent. One is the sleeping area and the other can be used the living room or storage.

The front part of the tent has a large awning so you and your family can hang out there and maybe enjoy a meal or stories.

While we’re talking about space, let’s discuss the head space. The tent has a height of 2 meters so your tall friends can comfortably stand upright in the tent.

This tent has a lot of ventilation. There are 2 side doors and a large front door with mesh windows at the side. The bedroom also has a rear door which also means easy access.

The Blackwolf Mojave HV6 also offers several storage areas. There are specific pockets for the doors and there are side pockets to put your things in.


Spacious – This tent has a lot of room in this tent. I like that it’s divided into 2 sections but still has enough space for you and your family to go around without bumping each other.

Storage – Side pockets and sky light pockets are great for your small belongings

Ventilation – There are a lot of windows and vents all over the tent which you can zip up if you feel it’s a bit cold inside.

Good value – I’d say this tent is worth the price given it has a lot of great features.


Can catch wind – You need to make sure to position your tent away from the wind or else the front portion of the tent can get caught in the strong winds.

Set up – Due to the tent’s size, it will take at least 2 people to set the Blackwolf Mojave HV6 Dome tent.

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