Camping is one of my favourite outdoor activities but there were days when I wished that setting up a tent would be easier.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time pitching up your tent when you are desperately in need of rest after hiking or driving for several hours. You might catch yourself asking why on earth you got into this.

Don’t fret though! There are now easier and more convenient ways to set up camp and one of them is to use an inflatable tent.

Inflatable tents were once are a very popular option for the laid-back camper but over the years inflatable tents have been improved and made much more durable. Now even seasoned adventurers buy inflatable tents to take camping all across Australia.

Quick Inflatable Tent Comparisons

Vango Solaris 600

Vango Solaris 600 Inflatable Tent Australia Front

Zempire Jetset 5 Inflatable Air Tent

Zempire Jetset 5 Inflatable Air Tent Side

Aria Elite 1 Air Pole Tent

Aria Elite 1 Air Pole Tent

Darche Air Volution AT-6 2021

OZTrail Air Pillar 4 Person Dome Tent

OZTrail Air Pillar 4 Person Inflatable Tent

The 5 Best Inflatable Tents Reviewed

1.Vango Solaris 600

The Vango Solaris 600 is one of the pioneers in inflatable tents. They have been around for some time now so you can trust that this is a premium tent. 

The Solaris’ pre-bent Airbeams guarantee a super quick set up. Once the tent is pitched, you will see how spacious the interior is. The inner tent is 3.6 m wide and 2.1m in length.

The tent has 2 sections. The rear should be able to comfortably sleep 4 people, possibly even more but this will come down to how warm it is. There is a separation wall that you can zip up if you want privacy. The second room can also be used as another bedroom but is more commonly used as a storage area.

For rougher weather, you will be well protected by the 70D polyester flysheet and the Vango Patented Tension Band System which can handle strong winds. The groundsheet is fully sewn to the tent, making it waterproof. 

The Vango Solaris 600 has the Lights Out inner tent which means the fabric in the interior tent blocks the light from coming in. At the front section of the tent, there are large diamond clear PVC windows to allow light and visibility to shine through. 

Watch the video on how easy the Vango Solaris 600 is set up:


  • SPACIOUS – The Vango Solaris 600 can comfortably fit 6 people. You can fit 4 people in the rear tent and another 2 in the middle tent. Tall people won’t have a problem in the tent as the head space is 1.9 m.
  • DURABLE – This tent is made with heavy duty materials so you won’t have to worry about getting wet or the tent getting damaged. 


  • COSTLY – Quality doesn’t come cheap and the Vango Solaris 600 comes with a high price tag. If you wish to invest in a high quality inflatable tent, this would be a good choice.

2. Zempire Jetset 5 Inflatable Air Tent

The Zempire Jetset 5 is a budget-friendly tent that would be ideal for a small family. This tent packs up into light and compact package, so you won’t have a problem fitting it in your car. 

For a small tent, the Zempire Jetset is fairly durable. The floor is a heavy-duty polyethylene material. Although it looks crinkly, it is durable and will definitely work to keep the water out. The flysheet has a 5000mm waterhead rating and also comes with SPF 50 so you don’t need to worry about getting sunburnt during trips to the beach. 

There is a single inflation point for the entire tent and the pole is surrounded with a few layers of protection so that it doesn’t puncture easily. 

The arched fiberglass poles provide the tent with more structure. No need to worry about it bending because they are flexible and strategically placed to avoid damage. 

Ventilation is not an issue with this tent because the floor-to-ceiling mesh windows provide plenty of air flow. At the back of the tent, you can roll up the bottom of the fly to open up the air vent during humid nights. The interior tent’s ceiling is also made of mesh.

The tent is 2.8m in width and 2.8m in depth, which can fit 5 people side by side but I would recommend this tent for a group of 4. The tent’s head height is 1.8m so you can stand straight if you’re below 6 feet tall.


  • VENTILATION – If you’re looking for a tent to bring along in hot climates or prefer to have a nice breeze in the tent, the Zempire Jetset 5 offers a ton of ventilation for campers. 
  • AFFORABLE – This low cost tent would be great for your next camping trip. The price is almost similar to typical polled tents.


  • ONE SQUARE SPACE – There’s only one square space in the tent which means there’s not much privacy for you.

3. Aria Elite 1 Air Pole Tent

The Outdoor Connection Aria Elite 1 is the perfect companion for solo hikers who want to do things quickly and easily. The tent is spacious and can fit up to 3 people but if you prefer to be alone then you’ll enjoy plenty of room to move around.

Integrated with 2 air poles, you simply use the included pump to inflate the tent to 8-10 PSI for a tough and durable tent. The tent is made from a breathable polyester which definitely helps reduce condensation on those muggy days. The 100D Fly has taped seams and UV-Protek technology to improve the tent’s resistance to sun damage. 

The outer fly has an extended awning with poles and guy lines so it covers a large area. You have the option to purchase side awnings as well for additional areas to hang out. 

There are small air vents at the side of the tent right under the large mesh windows for added ventilation. 

The inner tent is 2.8m x 2.6m wide so it can fit up to 3 people but it’s really great for couples so that you can have more space to move around in. The total head height is 1.9m so no need to slouch while being inside the tent.


  • HIGH VOLUME PUMP INCLUDED – I like that purchasing this tent comes its own pump. And it’s already set to its specific air pressure.
  • FULL COVERAGE AWNINGS – The fully extended awnings means you are well protected from the sun and rain all day.


  • SMALL – The tent is advertised to have a sleeping capacity for 3 persons but it would be best used by couples or solo hikers so they can utilize more space.

4. Darche Air Volution Air Tent 6

The Darche Air Volution AT 6 is another premium tent that is proudly Australian-made.

Setting up, as you can imagine, is a breeze. Just lay out the tent on the ground and start pumping the air in. The additional poles that are used to stabilize the ceiling are also air beams so there won’t be a risk of damaging your tent in case you get caught up in the strong winds.

The poles are made of puncture-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and are surrounded by durable 300D Polyester sleeves. The air beams have a pressure release valve to reduce the air pressure and prevent overinflation.

There are 2 zippered mesh skylights on the tent’s ceiling for added ventilation, light and an awesome place to stargaze while inside the tent. 

Gusset windows ensure you are well ventilated inside while keeping the rain from seeping into the tent.

The 3 large doors provide easy access for you and your family as this tent can sleep up to 6 people. The front area can be used as storage space while you can use the space provided by the wide awning for socialising and meal preparations.


  • PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE – This additional feature along with the puncture resistant TPU ensures that your tent won’t burst with too much air pressure.
  • ROOMY – The inner tent is 4.3m in length and 2.8m wide which means there is enough roomy for you and your other 5 companions.


  • EXPENSIVE – With its modern and patented technology, the Darche Air is one of those tents that is on top of the market.

5. OZTrail Air Pillar 4 Person Tent

The OZTrail Air Pillar 4 Person Dome Tent is a great inflatable tent for a first-time camper. This lightweight tent is ideal for couples or small families who want to enjoy casual camping.

It features an integrated fly and floor that is connected to 3 external Air Frame beams to make setting up a lot easier and faster. Once the air beams are pumped the whole tent is done setting up. Don’t forget to peg your tent to the ground though!

There are 3 access points in the tent, one large front door, and 2 side doors. Each door has their own awning which provides shade and some protection from rain at the entrances. 

The middle portion of the tent is 2.6 m in length so you have enough room for your large gears or you can use it as another bedroom. 

There are storage pockets on the side of the entrances for your small items such as phones, charger cords, or snacks. There is also an area to attach a light, which is always welcome.


  • LOW COST – The OZtrail Air Pillar 4 Person Dome Tent is affordable tent is able to deliver comfort and protection to small families or entry level campers.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Only weighing 13.5kg, carrying around this tent won’t be a hassle to anyone. And despite its weight it can still withstand harsh conditions. 


  • AWNING POLES – Just keep an eye out on the awning poles and make sure they are secured to the ground especially during windy conditions.

Things To Consider When Buying An Inflatable Tent

Easy To Pitch and Pack Up

The main benefit of inflatable tents is that they are super easy and fast to set up. Coordination, teamwork, and confusing instructions are not required. The pre-assembled tent is ready to pitch at a moments notice.

All you need to do is secure the base of the tent down with pegs and supporting guy ropes (some tents have extra poles that you can use to further secure the tent) and pump air in to the frame and voila! You’re all set. And that only took you less than 10 minutes.

Packing up the inflatable tent is even easier. Take out the guy lines and open the air valves. Your tent will begin to deflate while you pack up other items. When the tent is fully deflated, you can un-peg it from the ground and fold it back in to the carry bag.


I know you will have your doubts about inflatable tents, but hear me out. If you invest in the right inflatable tent, you are reassured that it won’t pop or puncture.

The good thing about inflatable tents is that there are no longer any metal or fiber poles. Instead, these tents have air beams, which get inflated to hold their shape. These beams are built with tough and durable materials that can handle constant pressure. 

The advantage of the air beams is that they are flexible. This means that in strong winds they won’t snap or break, which is a possibility with more traditional poles.


Inflatable tents are not only made for the beach or backyard anymore. They are built with strong and weatherproof materials. 

Most of these pump-up tents have thick waterproof fabric capable of withstanding storms. The air beams don’t puncture easily because they have thicker fabric.

We all know that summer in Australia can be harsh and damn hot. So the other concern campers typically have with inflatable tents is that they will expand with warmer weather and burst. Not to worry though, the air beams also have valves in them to release pressure once they hit a threshold. The downside of this is that if the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, then it may need a bit of extra air when it cools down.

Easy to Repair

I mentioned how durable inflatable tents can be, but accidents do happen. The good thing about inflatable tents is that they are easy to repair.

Most of them come with a repair kit and in the unlikely event that yours does not come with one, you can buy a Tear Aid patch kit. These are easy to find and are not as expensive as buying replacement poles for your typical tent. 

Compact and Lightweight

Inflatable tents are a lot lighter than other camping tents. This is because most of the tent’s accessories are already incorporated in the tent. There are typically very few poles needed, which further reduces the overall weight.

Once the tent is deflated, it is easy to fold and put in the carry bag. This makes it fairly convenient to carry around and usually doesn’t take up much space in the car.

Darche Air Volution AT-6 2021

Inflatable tents are certainly a convenience to all kinds of campers. By saving time in setting up, we can all enjoy extra time with our family and friends.

From my top 5 list, I would say that the Darche Air-Volution AT-6 that came out in late 2021 is my winner. It’s on the pricier side, but earns that price tag with great features and high-quality materials. You are sure that you get your money’s worth from this tent.

I hope that my guide was able to help you in choosing the best inflatable tent for you. I know you’ll definitely enjoy this type of tent on your next adventure. Happy camping!

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