If you’re in the market for a 4 person tent then you’re either wanting lots of room for a few people, or a comfortable outdoor tent for your family. There are no shortage of 4 man tents available and each has its own reasons to consider them. If you are after a more spacious sleeping arrangement, then check out some of the best 6 person tents for some extra breathing room.

Here’s our take on some of the best four-person tents available in Australia so you can make the most of the great outdoors.

Quick 4 Person Tent Comparisons

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Front With Flysheet

Best for those wanting an affordable, easy to set up tent of this size

Zempire Aero TL Lite

Zempire Aero Tl Lite 4 Person Tent Side View

Best for those wanting a durable, spacious, and well-ventilated tent

Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent

Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent Pitched

Best for those wanting a high roof and rugged frame

Vango Skye 400 4 Person Tent

Vango Skye 4 Person Tent Side

Best for those wanting an easy setup and a good trade-off between size and weight

The 4 Best 4 Person Tents Reviewed

1. Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent is an affordable option with great value for money. While it doesn’t suit all conditions and camping styles, it gets the basics right.

Set up couldn’t be more simple or straight forward and will easily be fully pitched within 5 to 10 minutes. Unfold the 68D Polyester tent and flys cover, extend the frame poles which then clip into the corners of the tent. Attach the remaining clips on the tent to the poles as you extend it up and then peg the tent to the ground. Done!

Once the main tent is set up you have the option of attaching the half flysheet which will provide additional weather protection and have a minimal impact on ventilation. The tent and half fly screen will give you great protection from moderate rain, however rain with strong winds will put the breezy design to the test.

Speaking of ventilation, the tent has a single entrance with a large rear window making it perfect for warmer weather.

Despite having a 149cm high domed roof, the floor plan is rectangular and will fit a queen size bed. Advertised as having capacity for 4 people, it will get quite warm in more tropical camping conditions with 4 people sleeping in it at once. The addition of the internal pockets at both sides of the tent is a convenience that is quickly becoming the norm, but is always a welcome addition to keep valuables and electronics off the floor and away from dust and sand.


  • Simple set up with 2 pole system
  • Affordable for a tent of this size
  • Great ventilation


  • Sleeping 4 people in warmer weather could be uncomfortable
  • Heavy sidewards rain may enter the tent

2. Zempire Aero TL Lite 4 Person

The Zempire Aero TL Lite is a spacious 4 person tent that in theory could fit more making it the perfect tent for longer camping durations or those wanting maximum luxury.

 Unlike most options, the frame is actually inflated making set up an absolute walk in the park. Start by laying out the tent and pegging down the corners, then use the pump to inflate the 3 frames. Yep, it’s that easy. 

As I said before, this tent is roomy. It’s split up into 3 separate sections with an awning area, a living area and sleeping area with the vast majority of it being at least head-high peaking out at 2.25m at its peak. 

The bedroom is 335cm wide, making for comfortable sleeping quarters easily sleeping 4 people side by side and 5 if you want to squeeze in another friend. The bedroom can also be split up into separate areas making it ideal for families with kids wanting to separate their space at night. The divider between the two sides of the bedroom has multiple rows of internal pockets letting every family member keep their keys and electronics neatly stowed away.

The living room has large windows on either side which is well suited to warmer weather. Speaking of weather the tent has all the bells and whistles including fire retardant treatment, UV treatment and has been tested in torrential rain.

Of course, this luxury comes a price tag in both dollars and with a weight of 24kg. 

If you can afford it, you won’t be let down.


  • Spacious and roomy with separate living area
  • Easily set up with pegs and inflatable frame
  • Lots of ventilation options
  • Durable in heavy rain


  • Tricky to find level ground over a large surface area
  • 24kg makes it better suited to longer-term camping
  • Expensive

3. Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent

The Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent is a quick to deploy, basic but tall and durable tent set up that Austrlaians have come to expect from Coleman.

The set up is easy. Lay down the tent and spread the poles out. Then extend the frame upwards and lock them into place. Finally throw over the waterproof fly and connect it to the frame. Don’t forget to peg the tent and guy ropes into the ground. I’d argue it’s not quite a 2 minute experience, but well within 15 minutes is doable.

It weighs 12.7kg which doesn’t make it suitable for hiking but you’ll be rewarded with a durable, waterproof fabric, a strong steel pole frame and tent that is head-high.

The tent is 2.4m long, 2.4m wide and a generous 1.9m tall. The size combined with the three large mesh windows can help keep the tent cooler during the day and breezy at night.

Campers will have no problem fitting in a queen-size air bed in this tent with room for another additional single air bed. To fit four people I’d say two would have to forego the comfort of an air mattress to make it comfortable for everyone.

An extra benefit to this tent is the fly throw over which can also extend to make a small canopy at the entrance of the tent to provide shade and additional rain cover.

As with most Coleman tents, the material is quality, rugged and waterproof which should be suitable for most Australian camping adventures.


  • Rugged frame and material suitable for Australian camping
  • Canopy provides extra shade
  • Head high interior
  • Easy setup


  • Can’t fit 2 air mattresses inside

4. Vango Skye 400 4 Person Tent

The Vango Cosmos 400 4 Person Tent is a premium 4 man tent that offers a good trade-off between size, weight and capacity. 

The set up time is around 15 to 20 minutes and uses colour coded poles which takes confusion out of pitching the tent. 

Once fully set up the tent is separated into two main sections. The first is a curved roof which holds the sleeping corners and is 2.1m long and 2.4 wide which will comfortable fit a queen air mattress or four people sleeping side by side. The second part is an extended tunnel which is useful for securing belongings inside the tent which maxes out at a height of 1.4m.

All the material is waterproof, fire retardant and features a darker fabric inner tent which will reduce heat and sunlight in the early morning. The high visibility guylines are also an additional bonus (we’ve all tripped over them at some point).

The interior has convenient inner pockets as well, which helps store phones and chargers in an easy to locate area and also has lantern hanging points.


  • The excellent trade-off between size and weight
  • Distinct sleeping and storage area
  • Colour coded poles for easy setup
  • Dark interior for reducing morning sunlight


  • Longer pitching time than expected
  • Not head-high at its tallest

Things To Consider When Buying A 4 Person Tent

Size and Weight

Since we are looking at 4 person tents, it should have enough room for yourself, a partner and two kids or a few other friends. You may opt to leave your belongings in a car, but you will want to keep most commonly used items in your tent. You also want to find a tent that has enough space above your head and below your feet. It can be really bothersome if you head keeps touching the top of your tent especially if you’re extremely tall (e.g. 1.8 m and up). The tent should also be wide enough for you to move around as well.

Keep in mind that if you are hiking then you will be lugging the tent in your bag along with your other hiking gear and every bit of weight counts. If your tent is too heavy, you will feel discomfort in your back which will affect your camping experience. If you are camping, then you can afford the luxury of a heavier tent and the benefits that come with that.

Most tents now have light but heavy duty material. The best weight for a hiker would be between 3-5 kgs while 4 person tents for camping can be as heavy as 24kg. For those camping with a 4wd or trailer then this will be less of a factor, but if you do bring along all the other luxuries such as a fridge, generator and the works then it may start to build up.

If you are unsure of the tent size that will suit your needs, you can check out Clever Hiker’s Backpacking & Camping Tent Size Guide.


You have to make sure that the tent material is not too thin or flimsy. These can’t help withstand extreme conditions. There are several tents that are made of cheap canvas and fabric which will easily tear.

Always make sure to check if the seams has durable stitches and are fully seamed. If the tent isn’t fully seamed, expect water to come in fast.

It’s also essential to check that the floor is waterproof. The floor’s layer should be thick and sealed well.

If you want, you can purchase an additional footprint or tarp. This goes under your tent which will add another layer of protection.

Doors and Windows

The tent’s door should be easy for you to enter and exit.

There are other tents that offer 2 doors. One in the front area of the tent and another at the side. Usually the side entrance is a lot bigger than the front.  This helps when there’s four of you in the tent so that you won’t have to budge if ever someone needs to go in or out.

Windows provide ventilation inside the tent. It can be very stuffy when the doors are closed so it’s good to get a tent with a least 2 windows.

Other tents also have small vents and mesh that help with the air flow especially during humid seasons. You’ll know that there isn’t enough ventilation in the tent if there’s condensation.

Interior Storage

It’s great to have an extra space to put your bag and other camping gear in. I personally don’t like that my tent is messy so it’s good to have a tent with pockets inside. This way you can keep everything organized.

You can look for tents that have internal storage and hooks to hang your things.

Other tents offer a vestibule so you where you can put your back pack in. This gives you more space to move around the tent.


When it comes to purchasing a tent, you need to keep in mind that quality is a priority.

I understand not everyone can spend too much for a tent but getting an extremely cheap tent can cost you more in the long run and might put you in danger in case it fails.

Not all cheap tents are low quality though.  Tent features can vary and these affect the prices. Just remember to think about what YOU need for your tent. I often look at coverage and storage features whenever I check out tents.

Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent

Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent Pitched

Best for those wanting a high roof and rugged frame

Given that we want to provide a 4 man tent recommendation, we’re going to have to give the Coleman Instant Up 4 Person Tent. It offers a decent price, easy set up, sturdy frame and excellent size which can easily sleep four and is definitely suited to the Australian Camping landscape.