Family outings are something you look forward to in your life. It’s always great to see your cousins again and spending time with your siblings.

Camping is a popular family outing activity. You would remember almost everyone bringing their own tents of different sizes. I bet you can remember how people were scrambling about setting up their tents.

The tents would form in a semi-circle and you would all meet in the middle to talk or have meals. When it’s time to turn the lights off, everyone goes their separate tents.

If you don’t want to revisit this memory, I would suggest getting a large capacity tent like a 10 person tent for example. It’s big enough to accommodate you and your large family. However, if you’re after something even larger then check out the best 12 person tents available in Australia.

Quick 10 Person Tent Comparisons

Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent

Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent - Front

Blackwolf Tuff 10-Person Family Tent

Blackwolf Tuff 10 Person Family Tent Front

OZtrail Fast Frame Roamer Cabin 10 Tent

OZTrailer Fast Frame Roamer Cabing 10 Person Tent Front

Zempire Pronto 10 Air Dome Tent V2

Zempire Jetset 10 Person Air Dome Tent - Front

Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Cabin Tent

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Cabin Tent

Our Review Of The 5 Best 10 Person Tents For A Family

1. Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent

The Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent is a great tent for warm-weather outings.

This tent features a dark room coating that blocks out most of the light and also cools down the tent during hot days.

The tent has 4 doors so there’s no problem with getting in and out of the tent. The doors can be extended into awnings to allow more air into the tent. You don’t need to worry about the bugs coming in because there are mesh doors that you can roll out.

If you need to close all the doors especially during the night time, you can open the ventilation circles near the bottom of tent to get the air flowing in the tent.

There are 2 large windows at the side as well so you can have a little breeze blow in the tent.

One of the main features of the Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent is the lighted lines integrated inside the tent. There are light strips running throughout the tent.

The 3 rooms have designated light switches so you can turn on the lights in any of the rooms.

The rooms are quite spacious which means you’ll be able to fit at least 2 single air mattresses or 1 semi-queen mattress in the two rear bedrooms. The middle room can serve as your living area as well as storage.

If you want to check how the lights work in the Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent, follow the link.


  • Dark room feature – the tent’s dark room coating blocks out 90% of the sun out of the tent which gives you the opportunity to sleep in even if the sun is already high.
  • Spacious – this tent has 3 rooms 2 of which can be used as the bedrooms and the middle room as the living quarters/storage area. The doors can be stretched out as awnings to you can have extra space for activities like cooking or eating your meals.
  • Integrated light system – you don’t need to worry about bringing in a lamp because this tent has light strips across the rooms with options to set the light high or keep it at a small glow.


  • Not good in the rain – the awnings can catch water and pool which can bend down the poles.

2. Black Wolf Tuff 10-Person Family Tent

The Black Wolf Tuff 10 Person Tent is a heavy duty tent that’s built for tough conditions. It has waterproof taped seams on both the floor and the fly. This tent can protect you from the harsh winds and extreme heat.

Colour coded poles makes the setup easier. Packing up the tent is easy too. One good thing about this tent is that its size when packed up is compact so it won’t take up too much space in your car. The packed tent only weighs 23 kg.

There are 2 access doors in the tent. There is a large front door with vestibule. You can use the space to leave your shoes or other items outside.

Speaking of space, the tent is divided in to 3 rooms with curtains so everyone can have their privacy. The curtains/wall separators can be removed if you prefer to keep it airy inside the tent.

There are storage pockets around the tent, so you have a place to small items like your phone chargers or hygiene kits.

The Blackwof Tuff 10 also has a power access port so you can bring electricity in the tent.

Click on the link below to check more features of the The Blackwolf Tuff 10 Person Tent.


  • Heavy duty – this tent isn’t just made for casual camping. This was built to handle extreme weather.
  • Compact – the blackwolf tuff 10 packs small so you can have more space to bring other things for your camping trip.


  • Setup time – although the poles are color coded, the set up can take up a lot your time.
  • Poles – there have been some issues with the pole quality so make sure to be careful when you pitch your tent.

3. OZtrail Fast Frame Roamer Cabin 10 Tent

OZtrail Fast Frame Roamer Cabin 10 Tent is part of the OZtrail Roamer series. This tent is very easy to set up due to its Fast frame pitch system. Assembly can only take 10 minutes.

The roof has a 2000mm water rating and the fly is made of UTex 2000 Sun Tough fabric which is perfect when you want to sleep in the morning.

The spacious awning area is the perfect place to hang out with your family and enjoy nature. You can also extend the side awnings so you can have more shaded space around the tent.

There are a lot of wall storage areas in the tent and the gear lofts come with lamp hooks in every room.

The middle room in the tent has a zip-up divider so you can have 2 more rooms inside. 

You’d have no problem with the ventilation of this tent as it’s very generous with windows. There are a total of 5 large windows around the tent which can keep everyone cool inside. The windows have no-see-um mesh to keep the insects from coming in.

This is a low-cost tent that’s great to bring along short family outings.

Check out the great deal for the OZtrail Fast Frame Roamer Cabin 10 Person tent is the link below.


  • Fast setup – the tent’s fast frame pitch systems makes up for a fast setup. You can finish putting up the tent in less than 10 minutes.
  • Spacious – not only is the tent’s interior generous, but the extended awnings gives you more room for other activities
  • Low cost –Offers the best value for your money if you’re looking for a spacey tents.


  • One door – there’s only 1 access point to the tent and that’s the front door. It would’ve been better if they added doors to the middle tent too.

4. Zempire Pronto 10 Air Dome Tent V2

The Zempire Pronto 10 Air Dome Tent is an inflatable tent. Make sure to peg the tent first before you start pumping air in the tent so it doesn’t blow away. Once the pegs are secured, you can start inflating the tent. It will only take a few minutes before the tent has fully risen.

The tent has a dome type structure but it has a lot of headspace when you’re inside. This tent stands at 2 meters so if your tall family members wouldn’t have to slouch while they are inside.

The tent is divided into sections with a removable wall divider in between. There are wall storage pockets beside the 2 doors. You won’t be having any problem getting in and out of the tent.

Ventilation is not a problem with this tent because there are 2 extra-large windows at sides and 2 rear windows. There are 14 ventilation points in the tent. Lower draft vents keep the moisture from building up in the tent when you need to close the windows.

There is a big awning space in front of the tent which is a perfect lounge at and enjoy a nice book.


  • Ventilation – this tent doesn’t skimp on ventilation and airflow. This would be a great tent to bring along beach trips or summer outings.
  • Spacious – even with its dome style there is enough space for people to move around.
  • Fast setup – all you need is an air pump and this tent will be up in minutes.


  • Bulky – this tent’s packed weight is only 21 kg but it’s not compact. This can take up a lot of space in your car or even in your house.
  • Air pressure – you have to take into account the temperature where you’re pitching the tent on. If you inflate it too much the air bladders might pop.

5. Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Cabin Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Cabin Tent is the second Coleman tent that we are featuring. This tent is ideal for country trips during the Spring. You won’t have to worry about getting drenched during a storm thanks to Coleman’s WeatherTec System.

One distinct feature about this tent is that it has a hinged door in the front. So no need to fuss that someone keeps forgetting to zip up the doors. There’s a zip up door at the back too.

The windows are angled so you can keep them open even in the rain. The water will just slide off the sides of the tent.

The tent is pretty spacious too. There are 2 rooms in the tent with a zip up divider. You can fit 2 queen sized beds in the tent and there is still room to walk around.

You don’t have to worry about hitting your head at the roof of the tent because the tent’s height is at 6 feet 7 inches.

The Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Cabin Tent is one of the affordable 10 person tents in the market. It’s a good deal if you’re planning to get this as your first large capacity tent.

You can get the Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Cabin Tent through the link below.


  • Durable – I like that this tent is built to handle stormy weather and other harsh conditions.
  • Head space – standing at 6 feet 7 inches, taller people wouldn’t have to worry about hitting their head on the ceiling.
  • Low cost – getting this tent is a bargain as it’s really affordable in the market.


  • Door size – the hinged door feature is great however it’s a bit small. You’ll have to duck if you want to get in.
  • Storage pockets – there are only a few storage pockets in the tent. Would be great if they have wall organizers added.

Things To Consider When Buying A Large Tent For 10 People

Investing in a 10 Person tent can be a tough decision especially because of all the varieties and styles of Large Family Tents. Since you’ll be sharing the tent with other people, you have to consider how the tent will impact everyone’s stay. Are they going to be comfortable in the tent? Will there be enough space for other things? How does the tent fare with ventilation when all 10 people are inside?

No need to worry though, I prepared a guide on what to look for in a 10 Person Tent.

Tent Style

There are two common types of 10 Person Tents. The first is the cabin style tent. This tent type is more spacious because it is more structured in shape. It’s a lot taller than a dome tent so it offers more head space. That’s an advantage if you and you’re family are on the taller side.

The downside of cabin style family tents is that they tend to take more time in setting up. Cabin tents need more equipment for setups than dome type tents. Not to mention, they are a lot heavier than dome tents.

Dome style Family tents may have less space but they are lighter and easier to set up than cabin tents.  Assembling the tent won’t take up too much of your time. This type of tent would be ideal for short trips.

Tent Access

Because there will be a maximum of 10 people who will be staying in the tent, you should consider how many doors your tent has.

Your tent should at least have 2 doors so no one will have a hard time getting in and out of the tent especially during night times.

You may also want to how big the door is. It should be big enough for 2 people to pass through. We wouldn’t want your family members to fuss around the door do we?

Rooms & Spaces

You’d think it would be fun to squeeze the entire family in one tent but the fun fades when the kids start rolling over you causing you to lose sleep for the whole night.

It’s great to have the whole family in one space but having a little bit of privacy is better.

An ideal 10 Person tent should have wall separations or rooms so everyone will have a designated space.

You can choose a tent with smaller rooms for the children or one that has fewer rooms but has bigger room space. Having multiple rooms gives you the option where to place everything including your things.

Internal Storage

You will need to have a designated place to store everyone’s belongings. It’s not a great sight when clothes and shoes are sprawled all over the tent.

You should look into tents that offer storage spaces. It can be the storage pockets at the side or gear lofts in every room. Just make sure that there are areas where items can be stashed so you can keep the tent neat and tidy.

Air Ventilation

When you have 10 people crammed in the tent it would be good to have enough ventilation to keep things from getting hot and stuffy.

The tent should be able to cool everyone down in hot weather but also capable enough to give warmth during colder climates.

You should check for how many windows a 10 Person tent has and where they are located. They should be placed where the air can flow freely through the rooms.

Air vents should also be considered as they are a great help with keeping the condensation from forming in the tent. Some manufacturers place the vents a little over the floor just high enough to let the cool air seep in the tent.

Tent Quality

Whether you’re planning to bring the tent for a weekend out in the park or if you want to spend the whole summer camping out, it is a good idea to take a look at the quality of the tent’s materials.

It’s the same with buying other things, the quality of your family tent will always depend on your needs. You just have to make sure that the tent you’re buying is high quality and should be able to withstand harsh conditions.

Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent

Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent - Front

Based on the top 5 Best 10 Person tents we’ve discussed, the best 10 Person tent is the Coleman Instant Up 10P Lighted Northstar Darkroom Tent.

I really liked that it has an integrated lighting system so you won’t have to carry around a lamp or flashlight at night. The dark room feature is also great in keeping the interior cool.

Easy access in the tent is also a plus as you will have several people getting in and out all the time.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to how you’ll be using the tent and how many people will be sharing it with you. I hope you were able to get a clear idea on what to look for when you’re buying a family tent.

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